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Cardiac Design Labs looking to work with partners in its growth stage.


You could be a clinician or a hospital owner administrator who is looking to enable ECG or Holter diagnostics or vitals monitoring for your existing services.


For Cardiac diagnostics whether it is telemetric ECG or Holter, we could help you to enable services with our backend team providing you the services for reporting. We will do the training to bring your technician or nurse on board to enable these services very quickly.


If you are looking for monitoring solutions that scale you very quickly and enable your setup to do monitoring with a central and remote monitoring at an affordable cost with connected backend support for remote monitoring, then our product Telemetric Patient Monitoring -  Padma Vitals is a perfect fit.

 If you a distributer or an enabler with connections to reach hospitals, clinics, please reach out to us and we will be happy to discuss and engage.

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