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Introducing the only solution in the world to provide comprehensive, realtime, remote cardiac diagnostics.
The Revolutionary MIRCaM.
Affordable Precision Diagnostics

Enabling hospitals to do advanced cardiac diagnosis at an affordable cost. Providing one-stop solution for doing high-quality Ambulatory/Holter and Stress Analysis with the default Resting ECG.

Clinical Analytics Engine

The solution provides comprehensive (Ambulatory-Arrhythmia + ST Segment) 12 Lead Analysis at realtime on the device. It also provides data analytics and reporting.

Remote Workflow

Alerts, diagnosis and reporting On-The-Go using Mobile Applications using notifications on all platforms. It also provides automated hospital referral workflow for patient management.
No technicians required on-site.

Monitoring Anywhere.

Enables multiple usecases for diagnosis and post-operative monitoring in hospitals and home.

Problem & Solution

CVD is the #1 cause of death in the world. In India alone - 64m cardiac patients to 4000 cardiologists.

MIRCaM stands for Mobile Intelligent Remote Cardiac Monitor. MIRCaM comprehensive suite comprises of a Bodyworn unit, Patient’s Bedside Unit, MIRCaM Doctor’s Terminal and MIRCaM Doctor’s Mobile App.

MIRCaM provides real time analysis and generate instant alarms on episode detection, thus enhancing patient care and safety. It gives new possibilities for monitoring of vital parameters with wearable biomedical sensors, and will give the patient the freedom to be mobile and still be under continuous monitoring and thereby offer better quality of patient care.

MIRCaM is intended for detecting cardiac arrhythmias, myocardial ischemia and Infarctions and it can also be used to follow up critical patients from their home while they are carrying out daily activities. MIRCaM has the ability to detect a number of heart problems that do not show up during standard electrocardiography tests or during a stress test. Because it involves continuous monitoring, it is also particularly useful in detecting conditions that occur sporadically, such as during sleep or at times of emotional or physical stress.

  • Reduction in cost

    Affordable multi-solution

  • Sensitivity

    Catch all confirmed patients

  • Specificity

    Very low false cases

  • Accuracy

    Bring more confirmed patients to specialists.


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